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Wednesday 12/21/2011

HC: 15+10
173 lbs in the a.m.

So far I am not having any problems with my lowered meds. I hear a lot of adrenal insuffecient (AI) folks who, when taking a twice daily regimen of HC, crash in the afternoons. I haven't really experienced this. However, I am working at the office in the morning and at home in the afternoon and there's not a whole lot of stress. So who knows. Last week I felt weak and unmotivated for a couple of days then Friday hit and I was full of energy all day. Go figure.

Today they delivered my treadmill:

Reebok® Competitor RT 5.1 SpaceSaver® Treadmill

Let's see how long it takes me to destroy it. I figured since I can't touch my barbell for a few months I may as well make the investment. I can walk and run as much as I want. Besides maybe this will get my wife off the couch.
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