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So I figured I'd stick with something pretty straight forward for the first attempt today, did 2 hand kb swings with the 24 kg bell. Experimented a little bit with the reps:
1-10, 1-10, 1-10-1-10, 1-4 Finished up around 29:00 (the phone rang, but I was pretty close to packing it in anyway).

I found the 1-10-1 ladders much more challenging than the 1-10, 1-10 version, personally. With the higher reps, I got more breathing time during the activity, and then dropping back down to the low reps gave me some recovery from the exercise. With the up-and-down ladder, that middle section from about 6-5 had a fairly high suck factor. Although, it could have just been that my FF was a little low today--have to ask Robb about testing for that.

Regardless, it was certainly interesting, and lived up to expectations. I might try it again tonight with a 1-5-1 scheme for kicks. With a light weight.

I think next time I make a serious attempt, I may pick a larger-scale movement (Hang Power Cleans, anyone?), and run it up-and-down style.

And thanks for the link, James--good info.
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