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I had to stop o lifts because of a bad shoulder problems (rugby inj), I ended up with a program that consisted of some front squats (not too much cos of shoulder) and a lot of RDL's and some deadlifts (not too many for obvious reasons).

I did the RDL's pretty heavy with a slow eccentric and very explosive concentric... I actually ended up getting better results doing this than when i was o lifting (in terms of VJ and rugby performance). This was prob because my technique was avg at best on the o lifts and with the RDL's I was getting really good full hip extension, also its much easier to focus on not getting too much anterior pelvic tilt and also getting a really solid belly breath (ive got tight quads/hip flexors so quite bad ant pelvic tilt and prob also why my t-spine/shoulder injuries arose.... like almost everyone else in the western world!).

I did some safety bar squat jumps with but felt like focusing on the hip hinging movement rather than squating movement was helping my rugby more. (plus doing any jumps with a ant pelvic tilt is a pretty horrific idea!)

Hope this helps
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