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Kyle Uptmore
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Kyle Pierce Program, Week 3, 12.26.11

Push Press - 145 x 10, 135 x 10, 130 x 10 4/4/4
Back Squat - 315 x 10, 300 x 10, 285 x 10 4/4/4
Bench - 205 x 10 5
Military Press - 105 x 10 3

315 x 10 back squat -

So the back squat was surprisingly easy, but I'm not happy with my depth. I usually hit below parallel, but I was so stiff today from sitting around yesterday during christmas. I also had to rush my warmup because I arrived at the gym 10min late. And if it mattered, I ran out of fish oil a couple days ago. I know I had at least 2 reps left in the tank from what the video looks like but I really wish my depth/mobility had been up to par today. I also ran out of time to finish my work sets for bench and military press so I just did the top set and moved on.
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