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Default Ultra Short Interval Training

Hey Robb, thanks for the note. I'm busy on a project for the next few weeks, but since a lot of this stuff on the forum is an ongoing educational process, I guess there's no rush. Sometimes it's better to have good info a litter later than bad info a little sooner. Anyway, on the topic of interval training, I was interested if anyone has had any experience with ultra short interval training. I learned this concept several years ago and and have had some great workouts using it and it makes a great deal of sense for some of my athletes as PART of their training during PARTICULAR times of the year. Basically, it involves 8-12 second work intervals and 18-22 second rest intervals for activities such as running, treadmill, wall ball, etc. (You might want to look at it as a Reverse Tabata). I need to go back and look at the basic science behind everything, but my recollection is that there is a connection with the oxygen carried by myoglobin. Anyway, once you zone in on the correct W:R times (and they are usually in the range I noted - DO NOT USE A WORK TIME OVER 15 SECONDS!), the rest should be adequate such that work intensity can be maintained at maximal or near maximal levels as lactate buildup should not be a problem (if it is, adjust W and R times), but your respiratory rate will go thru the roof. It is a very different experience. If it is important that the athlete's skill movements are performed correctly, i.e. that they don't deteriorate due to local muscle factors, this works very well. I do not use it exclusively because I train a number of wrestlers and they need to perform physically and mentally under conditions associated with high blood lactate levels - although in my experience too much interval training associated with high lactate levels is very difficult to tolerate. The ultra short intervals are a nice addition/alternative. Will add more on this later, but was interested to know if others have experience - good or bad - with this type of training. If you haven't treid it, give it a go. I usually aim for 30-40 work intervals, ie 15-20 minutes of work.
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