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I really enjoyed reading your post about you. It was a bit winded at times but you did a great job of sharing and I feel that I learned a lot about your situation. In fact, I think that I may have run across you before on one of the ďotherĒ online forums.

Iím very familiar with the oly gym you referenced (FF in Harahan) but you may want to consider an alternative: the Bearís Place gym down on St. Ann St in NOLA. Some of the workouts may seem a bit unusual at first but once you get the hang of it I think you find them superior to the WODís youíre used to doing. Most of the staff there are VERY hardcore about form and body positions. In fact, most intro sessions focus on finding a position that feels good to you without getting into anything too strenuous. Once youíre okay with that youíll find the pressure increases steadily. As long as youíre open to learning something new and maybe departing a little from what youíve been doing in @fit. Plus, they have a lot of equipment that isnít found in other gyms much anymore.

As far as your injuries goÖIím not a fan of kipping either. The metcons at @fit were my only release for a long time until I got programmed at the Hatch affiliate. I now incorporate a lot of yoga, too, into my GPP.

Keep us posted how your journey progresses.
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