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Default Tuesday December 27, 2011

Happy Holidays!!

Back from the sunny state of Florida and already missing the sun as I am welcomed back to Toronto with lots of snow!! I cam already feel my tan fading

While I was away I completed 4 conditioning workouts as my boyfriend is a CrossFitter so I joined him due to the limited equipment and space in the hotel gym. Always good to work on a little conditioning I guess.


Snatch - Heavy Single
I was feeling good in warm up so I decided I was going to push it a little bit.

5 x 35lb
3 x 55lb
2 x 75lb
1 x 85lb
1 x 95lb
1 x 105lb
1 x 115lb --> I failed this rep catching the bar slightly forward but decided to raise the weight 5 lbs and try again for a PR
3 attempts at 120lb --> got right under with no problems but same issue with the bar being slightly forward and just couldn't hold on. Just bought myself the Sony Bloggie video camera so hopefully next time I can film the lift and post it for you to give your opinions

My feeling was that I am using my legs as a guide for the bar and the bar path is not perfectly vertical moving slight into my body and therefore as I extend the bar is pulled further away from my body then I would like. Must. Continue. To. Snatch.

Clean and Jerk - Heavy Single
5 x 55lb
3 x 85lb
2 x 105lb
1 x 115lb
1 x 125lb
1 x 135lb
1 x 145lb
1 x 150lb --> Failed this rep and only attempted it once - 145 was my previous PR and I was feeling good. The clean was nice and easy but the jerk was just not happening. I have not mastered the art of getting right underneath the bar.

Today showed me that my technique is definitely holding me back and I am strong enough to lift more but not technically proficient to make the lift. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Squat x 1 x 5
I did the squat at 90% of my clean which is 160lb so I squatted at 145. I am not sure if this is the protocol. Should I be squatting at 90% of my max squat? because that would make a HUGE difference.

Happy to be back with my barbells I missed them so much.
I hope you all had a great holiday!!!
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