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Default Fat Loss vs Other Training Effects

Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell View Post
Diet is 85%+ of fat loss.....the other stuff while fun to talk about is not amounting to huge calorie burns over periods of EPOC and all that stuff is kinda overrated.....eating right and burning fat all day through maintaining a strong metabolism is more key.....the only benefit of all that HIT stuff is the release of GH post workout. Yes we are overthinking people can still lose weight and gain muscle without it. (from a fat loss point of view) ....30sec ...2min ...4min .... will all most likely do what you want from it. Unless there is a study on which has a greater release of GH pwo. Either way...we are probably fighting over a 100 cal difference.
Mike, I totally agree....and someone else's diet is a hard thing to control. When working with athletes though, the other stuff comes in to play as fat loss is not our only goal. Most of my athletes are wrestlers. If I train them with long and slow stuff...well you know the rest. Work intervals that I use pre and early season differ from those I use in the late season when peaking for state/national tournaments.
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