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Default yet another S+C for BJJ question

Is it ever possible that someone training in BJJ might need very little or no additional S+C work?

Here's my overall training schedule:

Monday through Thursday, I do BJJ for about an hour a day. I'm taking fundamentals classes (Alliance curriculum). I'd say that class consists of maybe 15 minutes of warm-up and partner drills, 30 minutes of instruction and more drilling and 15 minutes of either positional drills or rolling. The class is very technical and so I'm not sore/dead every day like I was in my old gym with stupid musclehead wrestlers (no offense to wrestlers. I love wrestling), and my coaches make sure to pair me up with guys around my size-ish who are usually blue or purple belts. So it's not like it's balls-to-the-walls training, but we do a lot of judo throws, takedowns, sweeps, etc. so my hip adductors are always in need of stretching. I'm not sore every day but I can definitely feel that I trained, and I sleep about 1-2 hours/night more than I used to.

Friday and Saturday, I do open mat which is just live drilling. Almost all of my opponents are bigger than me, though most are still very technical (I get confused more than I get smashed) but of course there's always a strength element and there's always new guys, too. Open mat is usually 1.5-2 hours, but the weeks where I've counted how much actual training I get it's usually only seven 8-minute matches (so just under an hour) due to rest time, warm-up time, odd numbers of people rolling, etc.

I was hoping to incorporate some S+C in after my body adjusted to training 6X/week (my old gym I tried to get 3 classes in, 4 was the max amount they offered and 1 would always get canceled, and even though the classes were longer and I'd show up early to drill takedowns and stay late to roll...there was an awful lot of chatter going on instead of drilling and many of our drills were useless. like endless pummelling drills that were more about flow than actually anything effective or that took actual work.) Anyway, so 6X/week has been an adjustment physically. Originally I'd hoped to train 2X/day but that might not happen any time soon. By the time Sunday rolls around I am very happy to have a rest day, and every other week I need to take an additional Saturday off as well.

So I'm trying to figure out whether or not to incorporate S+C, and if so, which exercises to prioritize. I don't feel like I need much conditioning since I am rolling so much (in addition to our warmups), and the specific areas which need the most work are already getting lots of it (e.g. my hip adductors, core, grip strength, plus I can feel my legs getting stronger from the guard work and the throws).

I guess the only things I feel like might be useful would be more hip-dominant work (sumo deads, KB swings), core training (esp. rotational, cable chops, etc.) and maybe finding something to strengthen my LOTS and LOTS of stretching for my front of shoulders and hip flexors. But it feels like a cop-out to do a strength training program with only like 5 exercises....


Oh yeah, a few other things... I am probably not competing for a while since I really want to focus on fundamentals and am rehabbing an arm injury, so my focus for the next 3-4 months will just be on these fundamentals classes. After then, I'll be allowed to do the advanced classes, which are also an hour long with lots more conditioning. I think 2 hours in a row will be easier for me than trying to do 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening, which is a lot.
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