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Default Wednesday December 28, 2011

Forgot to post yesterdays workout last night and I will be taking a rest day today. After a week of vacation coming back to some max weight snatches, clean and jerks and power cleans x 2 x 10 my body is begging for some rest.


Power Cleans x 2 x 10
I did this at 75% of my max clean which is 160lb
all sets completed at 120lb
felt REALLY awesome! I went in dreading 10 sets of 2 at such a high weight thinking I would be failing by the end but turns out it was much easier then I thought!

Clean Pulls x 3 x 3
did this at 150lb which is 95% of 160.
Getting more comfortable with this movement and finding it less awkward and not as hard on my back.

Heavy Snatch Balance
at this point my legs were gassed especially after yesterdays snatches and clean and jerks. Made my let rep at 95. Failed at 105 and then called it a day.

Conditioning workout.
Because I am now at home in toronto for the holidays I am training at my boyfriends box - Vaughan Strength and Conditioning so when the 7 o'clock class rolled in and had great workout planned I opted out of the row push ball and joined them for some fun!!

4 rounds
8 Ground to Overhead (I did clean and jerks) at 75lb
8 pullups
8 Wallballs at 14lb (i did this with a full squat, slightly different from a push ball)

time: 10:04

IM SORE!!!!!!!!!! rest day today and Ill do some technique work and front squats tomorrow.

Very excited for the new program starting on Monday so I can finally be on track rather then joining in in the middle.
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