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Thanks! It's a lot of days but not really a lot of hours... only 8 max. I was hoping to train twice a day but I'm not ready for it yet. But at my old gym we had 6:30-8PM classes Tues/Thurs/Fri but I'd get there at 5 or 5:30 to work takedown drills and stay sometimes 'til 9 to roll so I was spending about 12 hours at the gym/week (not including the Saturday classes, which got canceled more often than not because the instructor was out of town or hung over). Though I'd guess probably half of those 12 hours were spent talking, since it was a small-town gym with mostly terrible instructors (except for 1) and the drills we did often involved a lot of time standing in line. But yeah, it's not more hours just more focused hours, I guess....

And I definitely do gas on the mat. Or at least I need to take a breather after every 2-3 8-minute rounds to catch my breath. But I figure if I do it more, it'll get better. Or, it doesn't make sense to me to do non-grappling conditioning work to improve conditioning for grappling.

I'd heard Dan John or Mike Boyle programs might be good for me but wasn't sure which one/where to find it/how to adapt it/etc. I'll look at Wendler's.
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