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+1 on the recommendation to follow Coach Rut's programming, that's what I do.

I understand your goal is GPP -- if kipping feels funny on your shoulders (or any other movement feels funny), don't do it until you learn to do it correctly. For instance, if the WOD calls for kipping pull-ups I would do ring rows instead.

It seems to me you would be better off getting some equipment and saving the affiliate fees for 1-1 coaching for the things that really need coaching, like Oly lifts.

If you do not have room at home for a bar, rack and plates, get dumbbells and a pair of rings, you can do a lot with just that (+jump rope and pull-up bar you mentioned).
Since you consider yourself a beginner (I am also a beginner) I suggest buying starting strength (the book and the dvd). You can learn the proper technique for the slow lifts from there on your own.
Hope this helps.
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