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After reviewing my 2011 goals, I stil have along way to go to reach the lifting ones. This year I've had a tough run on a number of things especially within the family, losing a loved one, work problems, losing my job, multiple injuries and some medical issues that held me back on training. However, all a person can do is work around those and be consistent since strength training is a lifelong journey. This year I've met some pretty damn awesome people that will forever be my friends, had a lot of crazy stories and met a cool lady on top of that.

I also accomplished probably my most important goal though and that is to get into law enforcement. I start my career on Tuesday when I begin my first day in Corrections with the state. It sets me up for some solid things this year.

As far as training goals go, 2012 will be conservative:
Bench: 275
Squat: 400
Deadlift: 475
Press: 200
More cardio 2-3x a week
At least 1 meet

That's it. These need to be focused on more than anything else and the other stuff will fall into place. In 2 weeks I'll be training with a new training partner for the long term at a new gym who has years of experience under him, something much needed as I've lacked a partner for too long and I need that push to really reach those goals.

Besides that, life goals honestly are just to be awesome. Find a new place, get settled in work, go back to school and reenlist as a reservist after my probation period is complete.
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