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Default Mike's Vertical Jump Training Log

Hey guys & gals,

My name's Mike and I live in Australia. I'm almost 30, love weight lifting and athletic pursuits and play a fairly competitive version of beach volleyball. I'm here to seek guidance on training etc and think keeping a log is also a good idea. I used to keep one on another site but it went to a subscription basis.

Look forward to absorbing knowledge from you all.



Height : 5' 11"
Weight : 86kg (190lbs)
Max Squat : 170kg/ 375lbs (medium bar position, just past paralell, raw)
Max Dead : 205kg/ 451lbs (raw)
Running VJ : Estimated about 33" - haven't tested in a while
Standing VJ : Untested at present


Body recomp - current phase
Increase raw strength
Increase RFD


Poor recently but generally moderate protein, moderate carb


Training 30/12/2011 (weights in kg)

Deadlift 5x60, 3x100, 3x140, 3x180, 1x205, 3x180, 3x180, 2x180 (failed 3rd)
Walking Lunge (73.5kg - 30kg vest + db's) 3 x 10
Paused Jump Squat 40kg x 6 plus 8 x double leg bound for height (no rest between) - 2 sets of this
Broad Jump 4 x 6
Hip Thrust (100kg) 2 x 10

Total time about 1hr 45
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