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Ricardo Costa
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Speed Bench
Thursday - 12-29-11

Mobility warm up

Speed Bench - monster minis
Bar x 20
135 x 8 - 3 sets
155 x 3 - 3 sets close
155 x 3 - 3 sets med
155 x 3 - 3 sets wide

Floor Press - Slingshot
225 x 10
315 x 6
365 x 3 - 3 sets

Overhead tri ext - ez curl
3 sets of 13
** Super set w/
Rear delts
3 sets of 8

CS Row
3 sets of 13
**Super set w/
DB Clean
3 sets of 13

Did the speed work a day early because of weekend of obligations, felt good my set up keeps getting better on my speed work now i need to transition that to my work in the shirt! Really feeling the creatine kicking in, looking swole and feeling good!

4 weeks left till the LA Fit Expo where i will be going against some of the best benchers in the country at 242!!! it's going to be fun, i know my PR will go down easily but that don't mean much come Jan 29th (or maybe that will be all i have to hang on to! haha) Either way it will be a fun meet to compete at, it is always a good atmosphere in the LA Convention Center!

Get Fast!
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