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Training 1/1/2012

Happy new year Hangover was gone by lunch time so hit the weights in the afternoon. Strength focus today as plyometrics planned for tomorrow with my little bro.

Warm up of leg swings and jump serving practice.

LB pin squat (just above paralell) 60kg x 5, 100kg x 5, 140kg 5x3
Walking lunge 78kg (30kg vest + db's) 3 x 10 (these were hard!)
Sled drag 100kg 4 x 30m
Single leg calf raise (on leg press) 80kg 2 x 15

Note to self - short strides on lunge are best for my anthropometry.

Vid links;


Tested my standing vertical briefly yesterday too on a basketball half court. Wasn't primed for max jumps but was very keen to test how much higher my running jump is than my standing. Interesting results.

I was getting my wrist over a 10' rim on the run. I was also able to jump straight up from a standing start and hang off the rim. So standing jump only a few inches shy of running!

This is great news for me. My training is all geared to raw strength and rfd and the fact I can lay down power from a dead stop tells me its working. Incase anyone is wondering I could jump a lot higher on the runon hard stand if I trained plyometric efficiency but sand negates that quality. Since my sport is sand based I refuse to waste time training that quality. It's the reason I refuse to use cookie cutter plyo programs made for b'ballers.

All my plyos are for RFD and movement coordination. So far, so good. Can't wait to get back into comp in February

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