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Okay, just read 5-3-1 and I like the 2X/week option a lot; I don't think I could realistically commit to much more than that if I'm doing BJJ 4-6X/week, even if it is just 4-8 hours.

So let me see if I got this straight.

Figure out my new 1RM and create a fake working max that's 10-15% lower.

Warm up with 1X5 at 40%, 1X5 at 50%, 1X3 at 60%

Week 1: 3X5 at 65, 75 and 85%
Week 2: 3X3 at 70, 80 and 90%
Week 3: 1X5 at 75, 85 and 95%
Optional back-off week: 3X5 at 40, 50, 60

Day #1: Squat, Bench, 3X10 chins, 3X15 back raises, 3X10 db bench, 3X20 rear laterals

Day #2: Dead, Press, 3X10 db rows, 3X10-15 dips, 3X10 good mornings, 3X10 curls

Add 1-2 assistant lifts/day (is this optional?)

Conditioning, stretching and foam rolling on days off. (For now, BJJ = conditioning.)

Do I need to add any more posterior chain work?

Anything else I am missing?

I have a little rehab/prehab I want to throw in there, too... just wondering if I need to add assistance lifts and more posterior chain work or even substitute anything...
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