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Balanced session tonight.

Warm up jump serving practice, leg swings, hip flexor stretch

Deadlift warm up lifts 5 x 60kg, 5 x 100kg, 5 x 140kg


Moved on to altitude jumps while legs were fresh, 1.05m, 5 x 4 (good form today)

Deadlift 180kg x 3 superset (I hate the word superset, but its about PAP) with 5 x broad jump - 3 sets of (hello glutes!)

Walking lunge 78kg superset (ugh) with box jumps @ 0.8m - 3 sets of

Plyo complex - 5 x depth jump (0.5m) straight to hurdles (one 31" tyre then 2 31" tyres) straight to 30m sprint - 3 sets of

Feeling strong. Taking BCAA's pre/ peri workout to keep energy up and liking it. 10g in 200ml water. I had them lying around so figured I may as well. Also taking creatine again to buffer stores as competitive season approaches again.

Vid of drop/ altitude jumps

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