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Default Intense lower back pain due to soft mattress

My boyfriend got an extra-soft mattress topper last week and not thinking I slept on it. Sometimes I roll over on my stomach to sleep and did so that night for the whole night. I'm hyperlordotic and the result was my lower back was in hyperextension nearly the entire time. My lower back has been in a lot of pain since then. It ranges from intense, shooting pain in the area to a dull ache.

It's usually better in the morning and worse by evening. By the evening it feels like the entire area is compressed.

Treatments so far:
- Ice bath
- Icy Hot
- Ibuprofen
- Band traction (take heavy band, put knee through one end, bring around back, put other knee through other end, lay back)
- Ring traction (putting feet through rings and half-hanging from it)
- Trying to sleep on my back or side.

Last night I even slept on the floor with my legs propped up on a pile of pillows. In the morning it felt a lot better, mainly like a dull muscle ache instead of the "compressed" pain, but it's back to compression now. I get relief from lying down and propping my legs against the wall, but only for a few minutes. Can't even do child's post because my back is not totally flexed in it.

What could this be? Can anyone suggest any more remedies? I couldn't have done any permanent damage just from one night, could I? I don't have health insurance or much money for visiting a chiro, so if there's any chance this can heal on its own that's what I'd prefer to do.
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