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Kyle Uptmore
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Push Jerk - 205 x 5, 195 x 5, 185 x 5
Back Squat - 345 x 4 (fail), 310 x 5, skipped last set
Bench - 220 x 5

Back Squat -

Horrible day today:

1. My tailbone bruise pain is coming back ever since I ran out of celebrex. It's causing my low back to spasm again and my mobility sucks now.
2. My cold is getting worse due to the horrible rainy/cold weather outside.
3. Ran out of time since I spent the beginning of the session moving the jerk boxes in.

I would love to think that today wasn't my day but perhaps I overestimated my strength. It was weird because even the warmup sets felt super heavy. I thought that going up to 345 x 5 would be easy after doing 325 x 10 last week. I was wrong and will go down to 335lbs next week.
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