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Originally Posted by Matt Morris View Post
Hey Aaron,

Keep it up! The platform is awesome, too!

The weight is pulling you forward a bit from the very start. try moving the bar forward 1 inch in your starting position with your weight balanced on your foot (maybe even a touch more towards the toes), and then "rock" backwards onto your heels as the bar passes your knees.

Also, it looks like your hips are the first thing to rise on the lift, keep your back angle fixed until you get the bar past your knees and you start to open up for your second pull.

Hope this helps!
It does thanks Matt. I can't seem to get the first pull down correctly and I think its throwing everything else off. My hang cleans look and feel much better/stronger. If I leave my hips down with my back angle fixed, I can't seem to get the bar comfortably or easily past my knees. I've tried doing some halting deadlifts, but I think im still doing it wrong and don't want to ingrain/practice the motion incorrectly
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