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Originally Posted by Aaron Fondry View Post
I feel as though my hips never fully get into my cleans and i think that is limiting potentially higher numbers. Heres a couple pulls at my 65% from a couple angles. btw i'm on my newly made oly platform
Just my points... I'm sure somebody will correct me if I'm wrong, but this is what I see;

Your hips definately do rise just before the bar breaks from the floor. So regardless of where your starting position is, you essentially are starting the lift with the hips too high, and your shoulders look as though they then come too far forward over the bar.

When you extend your legs during the first pull your back bows a little, nearly becoming horizontal, your legs are not too far off being straight, and the bar is around the knees, you then have nowhere to go other than to pull with the back and begin your second pull. (I wish I knew how to take captions from youtube, and add them on to here, I could show exactly what I'm saying. Just pause youtube at various points...) Because of this back angle and your legs becoming too straight too soon, you're scooping way too early to try to stay on balance. Not only this, but also as a result of you being off balance, you're bending your arms very prematurely to try to keep that combined centre of mass over your feet.... Also the reason you're jumping forward slightly! Essentially you're slightly off balance; meaning you can't pull as strong, you're pulling the bar up with the arms and not the body down; meaning you can't lift as heavy, you're scooping early and pulling with the back; meaning you're not using the muscles in full co-ordination and missing out valuable tension that adds strength.

In my opinion, a few various flaws that rob you of many kilo's to the bar, that can be rectified pretty much from one or two easy changes. One flaw in this case, leads to a few issues, so sorting out that flaw will naturally iron out the issues as a result of it. I wish I had as few issues as you, and could move as much weight.

Hope I hit the mark there, and wasn't too far off. Hope it makes sense too.

P.S. Love the platform, and slightly jealous!!!!
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