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Keep your posture up as you leave the floor - aim to have your arms still vertical when the bar is at your knees, weight more on the heels than balls of the feet.

Stay back and extend the knees a bit longer before you come in with the hips - that is, keep the shoulders over the bar until it's at least at mid-thigh and wait until that point to start the final explosion effort.

You're actually dominating with the hips, and too soon - probably because you get a bit too far over the bar and let your weight shift forward, so you have to rush to open up to maintain balance. You push the hips through the bar without punching down through the floor with the legs, so you just scoot forward under the bar rather than getting more speed on it. Hit high on the thigh, punch the legs down as you pop the hips open and keep your weight a bit farther back and you'll get a good explosive pop on the bar and not be getting pulled forward.
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