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Originally Posted by James Evans View Post
Some of you C2 enthusiasts may be interested in this.

One of our guys pulled 16 minutes 30 for 5km this week. From what I've been told, and I haven't checked myself that puts him up with the GB oarsmen.

Fantastic effort for a novice and done after approximately 20 miles of cycling that day. Our guys are club rowers with full time jobs (James is a lawyer) not elite athletes.

5kms this winter have been rate capped (low 20s) and the scores are weight adjusted. This is normally to James' detriment as he is just shy of 100kg, slimmed down from 107ish. This weeks was the first full throttle, high rate effort.

That time is not indicative of incredible boat moving ability on the water but it is a hell of foundation. James has lot to work on and is still fighting for a spot in the 1st VIII for the Head of the River two weekends from now but I put my hands together for incredibly focused and committed individual.
Send that in to Concept 2; a search seems to indicate that would have been the fastest time in the world reported to C2 in 2010. . .
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