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I think flexion is how the pain started, but the muscles back there seem so fatigued and prone to spasm that even when im sitting upright, just the work they have to put in to keep me from moving back into flexion makes them spasm.

I have been standing for two days now. It seems to be relieving the pain, although I still have a ways to go until I would say I'm recovered. I have have been alternating stances between kind of regressed warriors 1 and 2, not lunging too deep. I tried putting my leg up on the chair in kind of a lunge but it rolls away from me. I am going to find some sort of stool I can put my weight into so it won't move.

Steven, thanks for the advice. I think after standing for a while I will be able to start sitting again at least for short periods, and I will definitely use a lumbar roll. I think overall I will try to stand more though, seems like it's just healthier. If anybody else ever comes across this thread and actually does stand at work and has techniques for making your feet hurt less or different postures to break it up, feel free to post. Thanks!
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