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Just a quick note, I'm still alive!

From July 2011 (my last post) on, I've been doing a metric ton of mountain biking (up to and including last week). Ranging from 25 mile enduros to 1 hour "faux single speed" gag fests. I'll likely continue through the winter. I'm hoping to start some swimming (primarily as a skill, not as a "workout") to get a little variety and b/c I love being in water.

I've started toying around with Dan John's MMS high-rep squat progression. I'm not doing MMS. I'm playing around with the squat progression. (Is that enough of a disclaimer?) The degree to which high-rep squats transfer to mountain biking is freaky. I'm also keeping in the game with KB C+P, pull ups, and swings. Along with the Williamson core awareness drills. Everything, including me, seems to be chugging along pretty well. Once I have a bit more steady training (things started back up around October, but were scattered ... I've been pretty consistent since the insanity of Christmas travel) to talk about, I'll put up some details.

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