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Originally Posted by James Evans View Post
That's something that leaves me curious about this study (and other similar examples). Are foods preserved in traditional ways as harmful as those hammered through modern food factories?
A number of tradionally preserved foods ranging from bacon and ham to kimchi and soybean paste have been associated with an increased risk of cancer so it isn't safe to assume they are any better than modern factory processed foods.

And to Sarena's point, is a cut of grass fed beef the same as a cheap supermarket steak?
In their raw unprocessed state and assuming they both had a similar fat content the grass fed beef would be the healthier option however once processsed they would both increase your risk of cancer.

I found the headlines around this alarmist because I find training the sights on meat and pretending that all the other shit that gets consumed is ok clearly doesn't solve anything, even if it does support JW's vegan lifestyle.
I agree the headlines were a bit alarmist but nobody is saying that the other poor dietary choices people make are unimportant.

On the other hand I find the bacon-bacon-bacon culture of the alternative fitness world excessive.
I think it's more of an American thing than something that's unique to the alternative fitness world. I mean I don't think many Brits do the whole fried breakfast thing anymore but it still seems to be common practice in many parts of the US.
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