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Kyle Uptmore
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Saturday, 1.28.12

Snatch - 187 x 1, missed 192lbs three times.
Clean and Jerk - after missing the jerk on 237 twice, I then made 237 and set a PB 112.5kg/247lbs. I then cleaned 255 but failed the jerk. This ties my PB clean
Front Squat - worked up to 310lbs x 1 and stopped there because it felt maximal. I barely got it.

Snatch Miss 192lbs:
247 PR:
255 clean, fail jerk:

I went to bed before 10pm every night this week because I'm waking up at 5:15am to train clients at 6:30pm. Last night I stayed out till 2am with friends that came to visit and wound up feeling very lethargic today. I still trained through it and was decently happy with what I was able to accomplish. Next week is an unload week, and will definitely need it.
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