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Monday January 30th


I made sure to make every set fast and short, even the top set. I realized I had basically been doing rest/pause training with my squatting by taking 10+ seconds rest between reps. That could be the reason my 1RM always lagged behind what could be reasonably expected by the amount I could rep out. 315x10 probably took ~30-40 seconds with maybe 2 reps left in the tank.

Cardio - Treadmill Hike
20 minutes, max incline, 180BPM consistent

Heart rate was a little higher today because of the squats. Decided to bump it up to 4x a week because, well, why not. Mild panting.

Cleaned up my diet, no more milk or junk and more lean meats and clean carbs, and managed by that alone to shave 5-600 calories off my daily intake without feeling any hungrier. On wednesday I'm going to buy a shitload of chicken breast and rice and really get started.
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