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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
Number one problem is those pulls you start with - watch what the bar is doing - it gets inches in front of you. You're just hipping through it with locked elbows. The extension could work, but you have to relax those arms, actively push the bar into yourself the whole time, and then pull the elbows up and out a bit at the top - not a full high-pull, but if you don't give the bar somewhere to go, it has to go forward, especially with that hip extension.

On the clean, same deal with the arms - you are way too stiff. The first thing you do is move your legs forward toward the bar. Punch the legs up, open the hips a bit behind the legs, and push the bar BACK into your lap. Even if you don't see how you're moving forward into the bar, you can see that you're jumping forward slightly. If you have trouble figuring out how to stay back, simplify and put a line on the floor, and move your feet 1/4" backward when you clean.

Last thing to work on is changing directions faster. You definitely hang out at the top of the pull too long. Punch the legs and hips up and into the bar, and immediately pull down by moving the feet and pulling the elbows up and out, always pushing the bar back in toward yourself.

I would say #1 thing here is to relax a bit - you look like you're thinking way too much and that's making you stiff and mechanical.
Yes, I see the pulls issue you mention. I used to do it to try to ingrain the correct movements before the actual attempt, but I think I may be at a point I can drop them completely now. At the end of that first paragraph, you say with that extension, are you saying I put too much hips in it? Or just not enough leg drive?

I know I'm pretty slow at changing directions, I'm not blessed with the gift of speed. I know that most advocate hang cleans for increasing speed in changing direction, but as I'm already doing those and still slow, is there anything else that will work well? Or is it just my technical flaws and stiffness that are slowing me down?

I hope I won't have to think about it as much when I get more lifts under my belt, and then can be less stiff also.

I hope as you didn't bring them up again, then my previous issues are not so much of a problem any more?

I seriously appreciate the feedback as always. Hopefully will be able to post another video when I feel I've improved, and get another beat down
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