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Default Programming - Next Steps?

Hello, and thanks in advance for your help. Iím in Switzerland and trying to improve my weightlifting. Over the Christmas break, I visited family in the Bay Area and had the pleasure to stop by and have a personal training session with Greg. Really enjoyed it, gained a lot from it, and recommend it highly to all!

Since then, as recommended, Iíve been following the 6-week Masters template outlined on the site. Iím now finishing week 5, and would like advice on how to proceed with programming once I finish this cycle. I have Gregís book and DVD.

Main goal is to snatch bodyweight by the end of the year. I am 39, currently at 6í5Ē / 112kg, and can snatch around 60kg. Expect the two will meet around 95kg. Currently eating Paleo with a few cheats to make life worth living (90% chocolate, heavy cream in coffee, occasional wine). Love the podcast, BTW. Have seen success with the diet Ė gotten stronger and lost weight over the last 6 months.

Hereís a link to my progress over the 6 weeks:

Here are my thoughts on where I am:

1. Really enjoyed the 6 week Masters template. Focus on technique was very helpful, and I enjoyed the range of exercises. Three times a week works for my schedule, the length of the sessions works, and I wasnít nearly as tired day-to-day as when doing Starting Strength cycle previously. Happy with the volume, but there may be scope to add a little more

2. Limitation is definitely strength overhead. OHS significantly weaker than pulls, and jerk significantly weaker than cleans. Finished Starting Strength cycle before this and stalled at DL 160x5, BS 110x5, Press 53.5x5. Front squatted 90x1 yesterday without much trouble, but struggle to jerk >70kg

3. Weakness overhead causes inability to catch weight consistently and smoothly in bottom position. Heavier snatches are basically power snatch followed by OHS, often with a pause in between for balance.

4. Curious as to if it makes sense to mix in pullups and how. Canít currently do one and feel like thatís something I should work on.

5. Most weeks I mix in other sports, like squash, touch rugby, or skiing, normally once or twice a week.

Basically, I would be most grateful for advice on how to proceed with my programming. Thanks in advance.
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