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Default Fixing an AC separation?

I've re-injured my shoulder - causing another AC separation...

I love Oly lifting, running and some body weight movements.

Has anyone had experience with re-habing an AC seperation with any paticular movements?

The last time it happened ( Oct 2011) I was prescribed dumbbell flies and knee push ups which I never really did, and I was crap about my mobility work too.

However Oly lifting, pull ups and running has been great until I added some KB swings and push ups yesterday.. especially the push ups... because feels like the worst position for my shouler injury.

I'm going to a physio to get the grade of injury assessed - I believe its relatively minor (grade 1/ 2) at a guess.

Any feed back as to how to make my shoulders strong for Oly lifting again would be incredibly welcome!

Many thanks!

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