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when you're done with the current program, I would move on to something based on this -

do OHS every day even if it's with an empty bar. make that movement as natural as walking. 1-2 days/week, take it heavier. one day for singles and 1 day for 2-3 reps/set.

as part of your warm-up, do tall snatches and/or high-hang snatches to teach yourself to pull down into a squat rather than catching high. make the pull under a focus on all your snatches.

make every rep as technically sound as possible with every exercise - the better you're doing your pulls, squats, etc, the better and more consistently you'll do your snatches. If you can get a good snatch high-pull with 95kg for 3 reps, you can snatch it.

regarding pull-ups, I think they're a good idea for any athlete (assuming they're done properly). I would work on them 2-3 days/week. One day do some negatives (jump to top and lower yourself under control for about 3-5 sec) - maybe sets of 3, 3-5 sets. break into those very gradually - you don't want compartment syndrome. another day do assisted pull-ups with either a band or leg assistance. get these to 5-10 reps or so, 3-5 sets. if you do a third day, you can mix an assisted concentric with a slow unassisted negative. 3-5 reps, 3-5 sets.
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