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Default Matt's road to athleticism

So a little background information. I used to be kind of fat but fell in love with lifting. I just started getting really serious about this. I started out training in a powerlifting style and I liked that a pretty good amount, but it wasn't perfect. I tried bodybuilding training but I absolutely hated that. So throughout my training I've been doing a little weightlifting, but I really enjoyed it so this next week I want to jump into the workout of the day that they list on here.

Training goals: to become proficient in olympic weightlifting and bodyweight strength training

Facts: I'm 17 about 5'9" 155 pounds probably around 12% bodyfat
Snatch is right now at a max of 135lbs
Clean and Jerk is probably about 155lbs (I've been doing snatches for a couple months but I haven't really been training the clean and jerk so that will start out a lot lower)
Bench 185
Squat about 245? Haven't squatted in a while
Front squat 185
Deadlift 285 (used to be really high about 345 about 9 months ago I don't know what happened and it's been a pain working it back up)

My diet is not very regulated except that I try to eat fairly clean. I want to get my diet down and regulated fairly soon though.
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