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Monday February 13th


Amused myself by screaming "yeah buddy!" and "lightweight!" in between sets. This puts me about 1 rep under my all time best. I'm going to stick with 10 pound jumps per cycle even though I got so many today. That way I'll be squatting 400 for highish reps at a BW of around 200 in 15 weeks.

Treadmill Hike
25 minutes, max incline, 2.5mph 92-171BPM

Strange as hell. When I measured my pulse at 5 minutes in, I was up to 168, at 10 minutes 171, and then around 20 minutes in I measured for a full minute and got 92. My pulse was up to 23 beats in the first ten seconds, then slowed down suddenly and dramatically. Measured again at 23 minutes in for a full minute and got 143. At first I was only measuring my pulse by counting the beats in 10 seconds and then multiplying by 6 btw.
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