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Clean -

Position off the floor is good, except that you're looking down - find a focal point in front of you and try to keep your eyes on it throughout the lift.

Past the knees the bars gets a little away, but you bring it back in - however, it contacts your thighs a little lower than optimal - try to stay over it a moment longer and hit the bar a bit higher. That will help you stay closer to the bar during your pull under as well - it's a bit too far away from you.

Look a little tight in the bottom of the squat - work on ankle flexibility in particular, but everything else as well.

Jerk -

You're shifting to your toes immediately as you initiate your dip. Take a moment longer, get a good stomach breath, and shift back to your heels as far as you can while still maintaining contact between the floor and the balls of your feet. Only then start your dip, and bend at the knees only, keeping your chest back and your weight on the heels.

Drive through the bar a bit more with the legs before you split. Once you correct the shifting in your dip/drive, your position and balance in the split should be much better. Make sure you bend the back knee and try to balance your weight about evenly between front and back feet.
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