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Kyle Uptmore
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Blackbox Weightlifting Meet, Saturday, 2.25.12

Weighed in at 81kg

Snatch#1 - 90kg, Snatch#2 - 92kg, Snatch#3 - 95kg fail because my left elbow buckled inwards, but I got it up easily
CJ#1 - 110kg, CJ#2 - 115kg, CJ#3 - 120kg fail, same as snatch where my left elbow buckled inward again.

207kg total

Had a great first meet today. I had met my goal of getting a 200kg total minimum. Like always though, I was nervous as hell because I had never done a full meet. But the odd thing about the meet was that the bar felt so much lighter than training. I actually power snatched my first two snatch attempts and power cleaned all of my clean attempts. I believe it is the spin on the bar that makes a huge difference. As far as the arm buckling in, its just going to take more practice.

I will continue doing the peaking phase of the Kyle Pierce program, but may change modify some lifts. After that I'm going to unload, reset my training goals, and look into some different training programs.
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