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Default Suggestions on training around bicep injury

It's been a while since I've posted so hello!

Been deployed this last year and just got back to the US in December. The last few months of deployment I was humming along doing Defranco's WS4SB's 3 revision.

January since I was kind of aimless training wise and just getting back home I opted for HCT-12 for a change of pace. The program was ok but the kicker is that I somehow injured my left bicep near the elbow during that. I (maybe foolishly) finished up 1 complete training cycle.

I wanted to field some opinions on how training should proceed for now?

Any curling movement is out, I've bee doing light band work to try to get blood flow but even that hurts. Any rowing/pulling motion where my hand is supinated is out for sure and even some variations of rows with my hand pronated hurts too!

These last 3 weeks I've just been aimless in the gym and it's starting to drive me a bit nutty.

I was using that 4 week cycle of HCT-12 to use that as a jumping point on deciding on my goals. Now this injury has messed things up as it seems to limit my options in terms of pulling.

1. Want to recover my arm, this injury is just irritating, hurts to bring in bags of groceries, just everyday mundane things that I took for granted are now painful

2. Don't want to lose to much of the gains I made but if that's what it takes to be recover I'll have to suck it up. I had finally gotten to a 405 DL and 19 deadhang pull-ups. I have sneaking suspicion I injured myself doing mixed-grip DL's in January.

Thanks guys.
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