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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
Do you know what the actual injury is? Strain..? Or...?

ALso, is this a self diagnosis or?
Strain (I think) and self diagnosed, nothing actually tore off, no discoloration, not sharp pain.

1. Pic attached, feels inside the area circled

2. Basically elbow flexion - As for shoulder articulations it depends on my hand position, supinated anything hurts so far that I have tried anyway, I've been on a pain avoidance thing these last few weeks.

3.Aches when isometrically flexed, moves to sharp pain when I actually try to pick up something

4. Just sitting here no pain, when I try to use it without thinking it can jump up to a 5

5. Almost chronic now, first noticed it the week of Jan 16th, thought it was just something weird, dropped any direct bicep stuff but continued everything else. Working through it didn't work and pain I think is the same now as it was weeks ago.

6. When I notice pain I stop that movement.

7. Cut my general inflammation down, heat, gentle SMR manually or with The Stick

8. Not using my left arm, but seriously nothing really.

9. Seems the same to me.


11. None to left arm


13. No sports, no routine right now
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