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2 days off. Had the normal rest day on Monday, went to the Sharks game for a birthday party for a very close friend of the family. It was awesome. We were in some sort of executive or presidential suite in the club area. Food, full bar, then we had the first three rows full of people. I got to sit first row, on the mother-f'in ice. One of the coolest nights of my life, and I didn't even come close to having the most fun. One of those nights where everything just works. One of those nights where you're just thankful to be around and for the people that are in your life.

I don't do much in the way of religion these days, but something or someone out there has put me into a life that's a lot better than I realize a lot of times. I need to remember that more and better than I often do.

2/29/2012 Wednesday

Handstand Work x 5 max w/ an attempt at free work. When I lose it, I can usually stay somewhat vertical and do a negative HSPU.

Tuck Front Lever Holds x 5 x 12 sec hold (legit 12 tonight)

3 x 9 tuck yewkis (link) - kind of, I guess.

5 Frog Stand and a handful of Tuck Planche holds- Frog stands can hold a while, ball planche, not so much.

A few ring biceps curls to get the swolz on
30 total v-ups

- Not a bad workout. To keep from blowing myself out, I may either take a PTTP type approach to these workouts, hitting a Handstand Movement, Lever Progression, Planche Progression and 1 leg or deck squat movement. Not sure.
- If I go to a 3 or 4 day workout set up, it'll be something similar, but one day more focused on HS, another more on Lever, another on Planche, and rotate through with lower body still aimed balancing the hips.

And if you don't think kettleball squat cleans are difficult, I say, step up to the med-ball
- CJ Kim
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