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It's a good start. First of all, your torso is definitely not too upright - you're leaning too far forward in that bottom position. Lifting shoes will help a bit with that, but keep up w flexibility work in the ankles and hips.

Number one priority is fixing your pull from the floor. Your start position is not bad, but the moment you break the bar, you get into trouble. Your weight is forward and your hips shift up too much relative to the shoulders. Practice some halting deadlifts to the knee - break the bar with your chest up and immediately get your balance farther back over your feet. If you don't have this position/balance, the rest doesn't make much of a difference.

Because you're out of balance forward, you're forced to extend too early (right as the bar passes the knees), so you don't get a good extension, and remain out of balance. After you get the DL to knee squared away, DL to the upper thigh/hip with the shoulders still over the bar. You have to be able to get all the way up there with proper balance over your feet and your shoulders over the bar - from here, you can get a better explosive hip/knee extension, and you'll be able to get one that keeps you in balance and brings the bar in rather than forcing it out as is happening now because it's hitting so low on your thighs.

The turnover isn't bad - just tough bc of everything that happens before it. Get that first pull under control, and your speed and balance and even receiving position will immediately improve.
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