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Hi Greg,

I did what you said regarding the split jerk phase, I focused on keeping the weight on the back of the heels and reaching with the front leg whilst getting that rear leg down, and I must say it worked a treat, the weight felt much more centered and my stabilty over head was much improved and this was at about 95% of my PR.

I just have one thing thats ben melting my bain for a while now,
I read your arcticle on hips meeting the bar in the Snatch.I just had a couple of questions.

Is the hip meeting the bar a consious decision on the lifters part,I do wonder that if im trying to bump my hips into the bar am I taking away from my jump.

secondly if im making an effort to get my hips to meet the bar does the pull under happen directly after this.

so my questions are

A.Should I be making a consious effort to bump my hips into the bar and does the pull under happen directly after this or at the same time( do you think it takes away from and explosive jump)

or B, focus on jumping and pulling under the bar at the same time and not make a consious effort for my hip to meet the bar.

Thanks again, your advice has ben a massive help.
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