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Does anyone know from personal experience how good the grip is on the V3 Gray Series Kettlebells compared to the MuscleDriver Black Series Kettlebells? The description for the V3 Gray Series Kettlebells says Single cast, cast-iron, textured finish with 1.5 inch smooth handle.

The word smooth concerns me. I do not have prior experience training with KBs. I am concerned that the Gray Series might slip out of my hands. My only issue with the Black Series is they come in pounds that do not exactly correspond with the kg equivalent of most KBs.

4kg = 8.8lb
8kg = 17.2lb
12kg = 26.4lb
16kg = 35.2
20kg = 44lbs
24kg = 52.8lbs
28kg = 61.6lbs
36kg = 79.2lbs

The exercises I want to use them for where I think grip may be an issue are snatches, cleans, deadlift high pulls, and swings. I do not want KBs slipping out of my hands and smashing stuff around my house.

MD KBs are less expensive than Ader or Lifeline and MD KBs increase in smaller weight increments than most manufactures, 2 kg instead of 4 kg, which is appealing.

I would like to do lower rep training for strength as well as leave open the option of doing high rep training for conditioning. I am also interested in improving my grip strength.
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