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Hey Jon,
Sorry it's taken me a while to read this. I haven't read the forum for a while (not intentional, just been busy). Thanks for the kind words and I'm glad you're liking the book!

Just based on what I read in your post, without having seen any of your lifts or knowing much about your training or experience, here are a few thoughts:

1) stagnation / dead in the water - have I hit the point of no return at 47?
***Maybe, maybe not. I think there are a lot of different things you could try before it's time to think that you're not gonna go any farther. And even if your lifts are getting smaller as years go by, you can still stay competitive and keep doing this if you really like it. I'm gonna go to a meet next weekend and do the smallest total I've done since I was eighteen, and I'm gonna love every minute of it.

2) injuries - finding I have to work around more and more "stuff"
***This is part of the game, unfortunately. You gotta live with it. But I absolutely positively think that you can make these things a lot more tolerable if you work hard on seeking out good information about how to keep your body healthy. I read a lot about pain management and joint preservation these days, and I'm constantly learning new things that help me feel better.

3) job/family - pretty much limited to 2 sessions per week - other days just quick rehab stuff, wheelchair conditioning, walker dips, chair aerobics, bingo
***Jon, I've been training only twice a week for seven years. It works great, so don't be afraid to trust it. If you're really getting the most out of those sessions, that's all that matters. Work the hell out of all that stuff you've always laughed at, like foam rolling, yoga (that's not a joke either), and physical therapy-type exercises.

- if my technique is what it is (bad) maybe just focus on getting stronger while I still can - actually have tried this, just doing an 8 week SQ/BP/DL cycle and max snatch and clean and jerk went up!
***I can positively tell you that your pain level will go down as your technique improves. If it was me, I would continue practicing the full lifts with REALLY light weights and try to sharpen your technique as much as possible. Just make yourself not go heavy for a long time, so the only challenge in your workouts will be how perfect you can make your lifts look.

- break "lifts" down into less injurious components and get stronger at those;
power snatch/overhead squat, , power clean/front squat/jerk
or snatch pulls/OHS, , clean pulls/press/front squat etc.
***You could try this, but I would still lean towards practicing the full lifts and making yourself improve at them (if your body will allow it).

- back way off on "lifts" going no where near "max" and hammer big basic strength moves more
***This is what I would do. Remember, there are no rules when it comes to being a 47 year-old weightlifter. You're making up your own rules at this point. The only rule is "if something works for you personally, then it's the right thing to do."

- converting to shuffle board
***This is always an option if lifting doesn't work out. Just keep it in the background as a good solid Plan B. If you decide to go with this, I would highly recommend increasing your alcohol intake. It'll be the only thing that pulls you through.
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