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Thanks for the reply / info!
- back way off on "lifts" going no where near "max" and hammer big basic strength moves more
***This is what I would do. Remember, there are no rules when it comes to being a 47 year-old weightlifter. You're making up your own rules at this point. The only rule is "if something works for you personally, then it's the right thing to do."
How light? - all sorts of %'s thrown around - does everybody have to find their own "light", a weight that allows quality singles but heavy enough to get into same groove as heavy lifts? On the other hand, I can honestly say that my PRs had no "groove" the were just grip and rip and hope to hold on without dislocating something or crapping myself. So maybe there is a training groove and a big meet, no tomorrow "groove" as well?

What big moves? Obviously back squats, probably front squats? Pulls - deadlifts or just snatch pulls and clean pulls (I debate with myself about whether DL, even RDL are "specific". I also start to feel downright metro if not doing some sort of pressing but probably doesn't contribute enough to be a deal breaker and maybe better use effort/recovery elsewhere? I, like most midwest Anglo-Germanic males should probably focus on building an ass more than anything.
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