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Thanks for these replies. This is gold for the old. You should write a book specifically for masters oly lifters. Although, admittedly, prob not a niche that would make a publisher start doing fist pumps.

You need a motor pattern grooved in there. If you do this, you won't have to worry about shifting from one "groove" to another on meet day. Every lift will be the same.
That's my goal - "make them all look the same" like Vlad.
Of course, the kicker is developing the correct groove / technique.
Very difficult doing on own in basement with rare live coaching. Video analysis is another option but still does not compare to live coaching. Then there's the little things like various injuries to work around and constant temptation to become a splitter or just say to hell with it and power everything up.

Back squats definitely, front squats if your body cooperates. I would lean more towards snatch and clean pulls performed perfectly (with just a little more weight than your max SN and C&J) than DLs and RDLs. Pressing doesn't hurt anything, as long as it's not kicking the hell out of your shoulders or anything else.
BP has destroyed my right shoulder but will tolerate some pressing. I sometimes resort to just lowering jerks to shoulder then drop instead of drop from overhead in attempt to work shoulders with negatives and avoid that low start position stress.
Thankfully, I'm squatting fine, including front squats and even OHS no prob - more shoulder work.

At work and don't have your book handy - I recall you discuss power snatches and power cleans but forget your exact recommendations (the mind also starting to go) - but I can say it gets really tempting sometimes to try to rationalize that if I just work the hell out of power snatches and power cleans and I can keep competing with those as my competition technique and get my squat sky high and just man up and get so damn strong I'll blow away my full lifts PRs. Probably delusional.
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