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If this were me, I'd be super careful about cheat meals. In my personal experience, I was never overweight, but I found that once I cut out my 1-2x/week cheat meals, my leanness and performance in the gym went through the roof.

It might be a cool motivational opportunity (having a real clear, solid goal ahead of you) to make your food intake completely, 100% purposeful. See if you can replace the cheat meals with some other activity that will give you a similar little shot of reward hormones but also helps you along your path*(think massage, sex, etc.)

Also you haven't said anything about where you're getting your macronutrients from. If you haven't already, you'll want to make sure absolutey none of your food is pro-inflammatory (i.e. grains/especially wheat, legumes/especially soy, dairy, sugar, and ddddefinitely avoid vegetable oils).

Also, you haven't mentioned lifestyle factors. Getting as much bare-skin sun exposure as possible + stress reduction + tons of sleep will likely be helpful.

Also want to offer my salute for your work so far, getting rid of 40 excess kg is bad ass
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