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Default Chest dropping, squatting, and belting

I have the tendency to lean forward, drop my chest and lead with my hips at the bottom of my squat. I recently switched from low bar to high since I am training O-lifting exclusively now. The problem is not as pronounced on the high bar as it was on the low but it still rears its ugly head when weights get heavy and fatigue sets in. First, any thoughts on what causes this? Flexibility? Thoughts on correction?

Second, I used a belt when squatting and cleaning for the first time last week. I was better able to keep an upright torso on both and it felt strong. I've read that belts should only be used when going 90% or higher. Would this still apply given my particular issue? On one hand I don't want to become to dependent on the belt but I also want to get stronger and keep proper form. Thoughts?
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