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Kyle Uptmore
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Thursday, 3.15.12

Block Clean - worked up to 220lbs x 3
Clean Pull - 3 x 3 w/ 310lbs
Clean Grip DL - 365lbs x 2 (fail), 340lbs x 3


Trained at Hyde Park Gym in Austin. The place didn't fulfill my needs for the block cleans as I tried using the block/jerk block they had with plates and I couldn't find a way to get the right knee position for it. I believe I could have gotten the 3rd rep for the CGDL, but I felt like my lumbar was starting to round coming up so I didn't chance it. Other weightlifters in the gym told me my form was nice and strict which is my ultimate concern with my injury history. Other than that, my joints have been real stiff and have been popping a lot lately, I'm going to up my fish oil intake.
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