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Resurrected from the dead.....

Quick shot of my last year and a half for those that care.

Deployed to AFG, ended up tearing my hamstring in Jan 2011 during the pre-mob training, that took a while to get over. It's still not 100%, strength is there but flexibility is not the same. The PT that I saw in country basically told me I should have said something when I initially injured it and not attempted to tough it out. Elbows started feeling very spicy doing a add 1 pullup a day program I got my dead hang pull ups to 19 straight but at a price! Elbows now are officially irritated! June 2011 I pulled my left pec minor benching a light weight. That seems to be all the way resolved now but for a few months training around it was irritating.

Training highlight of the year is that I finally pulled 405 for a double! however once I tried going to 410 I got zip! More mental than anything else if I was able to get 405 for 2!

Also got 90#'s in a weighted pullup, this was pretty tough and without flipping through my workout log I was probably at 193#'s.

Right now I'm working through a left bicep injury, basically doing avoiding movements that require supination other than light band stuff. Doing upper/lower split 3 times a week, working on the principles of the HCT-12 stuff minus the horizontal pulling (subbing in face pulls and pullovers). Right now I still have 3 weeks left of this training cycle and then I will re-examine where to go from here.

Rather than try to rehash the last few workouts I'm just starting with yesterday.

Walk: 15:37

Run: 16:49 - 2 mile run
walk: 8:11 - cooldown
stretching: 8:00

Thoughts: Not a bad run, basically followed Connor on his bike and it just happened that the run ended at 2 miles according to Did some stretches from MWOD on my calves and hips. I noticed that my left foot is hitting the ground on more on the middle of the ball of my foot while on my right foot i'm hitting more under my big toe. Something to watch, darn flat feet!
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